African Fairy

Dreams vs Reality

How to Protect your ‘babies’ with a Stylish Scarf

I puked in my mouth a little. It was just too cliché and here they were, the actors on my screen, doing it again. It’s lunch break and I’m sneaking a peek at the third episode of the current Korean... Continue Reading →


A Okay

Part One When people stopped me to ask if I was okay I’d smile and say that everything was alright While passing by I’d feel the tear fall from my eyes As the lie felt like a knife digging straight... Continue Reading →

Tonight it's all about heavenly kisses. I approach your soul with high expectations of walking out a little less sore. As you scratch the surface of my skin you'll find emptiness within. Alas! There is nothing left to steal. So... Continue Reading →

Why and When did you master the art of breaking hearts? Watching you from behind my sunglasses I see a man defeated, lost to himself and all he's worth. I stand corrected but men like you are who women want.... Continue Reading →

How “too” spell “to”

At this point, I’m just writing anything and this is because I am once again experiencing a writer’s block. This is like being an instrumentalist and losing your hand or being a footballer and losing your leg(s)…Okay, that’s a bit... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day

I still find it hard to picture what life would be like without a mother's love. You can be lucky enough to have a mother at birth but what's life without that affection only she can give. It is with... Continue Reading →

Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Here I am wondering if I should check the end of every Drama before watching it but what's the fun in that, right? Plus, I refuse to be like my sister, she's a spoiler!!!

To Resign or Not to Resign

Curiosity killed the cat they say, but I know you are dying to know what on earth would make a questionably reasonable girl walk out on a dream job

Crushing Spree

Why are people so inclined to engaging in bizarre word sensationalism? Just say it as it is and leave the grammar to the English experts. Words are fun when constructed well and most times they are funny when they aren't.... Continue Reading →

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