Sisto 20151214_225806A fascinating story remains untold
Of a girl who no one knows
She doesn’t hide, neither does she revel in being shown.

She’s the perfect character for this fascinating story, I’m told.
No rhyme is needed to catch your fancy;
Just a glimpse into her mystical world would do just that.

This isn’t fiction but an attributed tale of someone you should know;
She just might be someone like you.

She walks down the hallway and no one notices.
She slips but no one sees.
She smiles and no one cares.
But her story is as relevant as yours and mine.

Her fashion sense is amazing.
The unique way she combines this and that just makes some envious hearts cringe.
How adorable she is when she opens her mouth to sing;
People do notice but only for a while.

Every movie has the major character but some are minors.
This minor refuses to be ignored.
No scene begins and ends without her being there.
The story isn’t about her but who cares.

Our Mistress of beauty empowers her superior.
What ever seems supreme needs to be questioned.
An amazing aura leaves the crowd wanting more.
This fascinating character needs not say more.

Watch her as she dances in the club behind the protagonist.
Watch her as she walks by the murder scene at the climax.
Take note of how she sits in class and doesn’t speak.
And as she steps off the elevator for everyone to see.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”
An expedient cliché that she redefines her way.

Her imagination runs wilder than a cheater could run in a field.
What becomes of someone whose colourful world transforms ever so speedily.
Can you keep up with her manner of thinking?
She is indeed the most fascinating character of them all.

An opportunity could be lost here or there.
So stay alert and be a part of the observers.
Watch and Learn from them.
You just might be fortunate someday;
To come in contact with the Fascinating Mistress.