WP_20160107_001.jpgI can’t seem to get over the fact that my week can be this horrible. It’s Friday already and I’m set to scoot to wherever my feet takes me. Even the said feet is ready to give up on me. Stated simply “NYSC has done me bad”.
Imagine starting your Sunday on a positive note, going to church to praise your God and then the Monday morning approaches. You get up cranky, leave your comfy home and get stuck in traffic for hours on end, you get to your destination and you have to wait for hours again to get attended to. Then you return the next day for the same purpose and then FINALLY you get your posting letter. But wait! It doesn’t end there, you get to your place of primary assignment and get rejected and the hustle begins again.
I ask myself this question everytime I put on my khaki “Why am I serving Nigeria?” “What has Nigeria done for me?”
To cut the long boring story short, Nigeria is yet to do something significant for me but I don’t know about you.
What has your country done for you? And are you patriotic enough to die for your country?
My Monday began a trail of disaster for me, hopefully next week would be better.