In every movie, novel, or real life experience, there is always an iota of the influential emotion or affection called love or hatred experienced; the two emotions vary and while one builds, the other destroys. Love is an emotion that is so strong the mere thought of feeling it could drive you to tears. It’s an emotion that can build a nation and sustain it for a eternity. An emotion that makes right what could have been initially wrong. LOVE, yet desired, is also an unfathomable emotion in the hearts of some less fortunate to experience it.
Love brings life, hope, peace, joy. Love gives optimum optimism to everyone privileged enough to feel it. Love is vivid and not obscure, you can recognize the emotion in someone who feels it and is not ashamed to express it. Love also gives everlasting pleasure. It has been said to have the capacity to conquer all, hatred inclusive.
In a world categorized by diverse classes – such as that of the rich and the poor; the developed, underdeveloped and developing; the black and white, amongst others – what promises to merge these differing classes is love that can be expressed accordingly: Giving aid to those in need, Praying for those in trouble, Sacrificing for others, and generally abiding by the greatest commandment of the word of God “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”.
The lesson of the power of love begins from a self-taught lesson on how to love ourselves first. This is because man is incapable of showing love to others without first understanding what love is and then proceeding to love himself. As the word of the Lord rightly states “Love your neighbor as you love YOURSELF”, therefore begin from the comprehension of the term, learn to love yourself before loving others the way you love YOU.
The power of love is the influence of love, the effect of love on the receiving party which can be, in some cases, yourself. The lack of love is nothing but emptiness which simply means you are merely existing but you are not living. The search for love, if the search for life. Love in itself has its misconceptions as some believe they can find love in sexual intercourse, others believe they are incapable of receiving love. As it has been rightly stated, ‘God is Love’, know Him first, receive the true love He is willing to show you, after you comprehend what Love really is, Love yourself and then Love others. Saving yourself from the ignorance of Love would help save lives as the power of love can help change lives for good.
As self-absorbed as the concept of love for yourself may seem, take a look into the world of the media and all the negative reports given, if man were to comprehend love for himself, he definitely would think twice before terminating a life he is incapable of creating. When man finds himself capable of patience, kindness, thoughtfulness and forgiveness; and incapable of jealousy, pride, anger, boasting, self-seeking and rudeness, then he has love deposited in his heart because love in itself is not only positive but powerful.wp_ss_20160104_0014