We live in a world where everyone wants to attain love by every means possible. I remember being in my own world of solitude and loving it. At the time, my company was the best there was and I had only a few friends to call mine. Through my solitude I realized a whole lot of things about myself and people around me. As they say “listeners are great observers and learners”, by they I mean me, cos that’s my consolation to myself whenever I almost feel pathetic for being so shy.

So, we got into the 21st century and I became a 21st century girl (thanks Willow). Everything was on the internet, the social media was booming like there was no world outside it, it still is and is worse than ever cos most teens have no life outside their social platforms.

We 21st century humans (😁) have friends on facebook,twitter, instagram,etc, we wanted and still want fame and fortune (I want to make lots of money, who doesn’t). Despite it all, some can’t claim to have real friends.

I love the fact that in every stage of my life, I’ve met great people I can call friends or acquaintances and one of them is Inemesit (😂 tongue twister cos she’s an Indigene of Akwa Ibom, in Nigeria) Eee – Nem- Ehhh – Sit

The BESTIE SYNDROME is what I chose to call my topic of the day because this is what is evidently going on in people’s lives. We boys and girls want to have that bond with someone special who isn’t over family or boy/girl friend. We want to share a laugh with someone, a secret, gossip, smile, cry and we want to have someone ooooh and aaaaaah about it. We want that bestie.

I have lots of best friends, friends that stand out amongst others for special reasons and one of them is Inemesit. She’s my twin from another mother, we are opposites in character but somehow we get each other.

She did something yesterday that stamped our friendship of life for an everlasting place in time. I’m a girl (obviously),so I had my monthly fortunate disaster (fortunate cos I need it constant every month to have babies) (disaster because I got freakishly stained).

I was sitting opposite her and we were talking about crazy sense and then I git up and Dan Dan Dan!!! I felt the sillies run down my thigh and then my legs and as I looked down, I murmured in panic “I’m dead”. She giggled and said, ” you’re not dead jor”, she quickly grabbed a tissue paper and started wiping my leg and thigh, she grabbed a scarf and wrapped my skirt and escorted me safely to the car.

I was in my panic mode at the time while she was so calm. I was in a daze of embarrassing shock and only came to myself after I got home and had a cold shower. We laughed about it later and I got a memorable day out of it (howbeit embarrassing it was), my bestie is so amazing. The syndrome is worth it because most best friends just aren’t like this. wp_ss_20160107_0003