I’m thinking about my Mr. Right and wondering whether he exists. People always ‘eventually’ end up with someone or maybe it’s called ‘settling’ but they still have that someone by their side.

I’m Miss Violetta, born to a Nigerian father and an Italian mother. My mom fled back to Italy after the divorce so I was raised by my amazing womanizing father. My mom is a novelist, a very popular one at that, but her novels are written in Italian so not many Nigerians have read her books.
Before my mom left – no she didn’t leave me, she left my dad, so we still communicate, howbeit inconsistently – she used to read me all sort of books and I was at the harlequin stage by the time I was Eight, until dad told her to slow down.

To my mom, my dad was the love of her life, she also didn’t want another child because she felt I was all she needed to be happy, I hope she still feels the same because she’s always so busy.

I love my mom for giving me an amazing childhood memory, it’s now I realize we didn’t have much then, we ate from hand to mouth because my mom was a Nigerian fresher (newbie) and didn’t know how or where to start working while my dad was finishing medical school at the time.
Both my parents are Orphans so I didn’t have much in terms of family and that’s why I’m a bit clingy to my friends but independent when it comes to relationships.
Last year I clocked 26, single and a year older than the “when I’m 25 I’d be married” age. Did I mention that most of my friends are married, including those girls who you believe are destined to be wayward and miserable all their lives.

Several things occurred to me while I sat on the loo one morning to take a shit, most of them were lame but all of them led to the decision I made, silly or not, at least I felt I was actually doing something… I had a moment of psychological relapse which led to a year of crazy relationship choices. I was a newbie in the relationship field and didn’t know how to dive in so I can’t be blamed okay?

As I zoned out for about 5 minutes, these rational and irrational thoughts crowded my mind…
1. Maybe I’ve skipped a chapter of my life somewhere down the line.
2. Was David, my high school crush (the one)? Definitely not, cos the guy still goes clubbing, smokes and drinks like there was no tomorrow. I no fit deal abeg.
3. Am I too demanding in terms of my search for perfection?
4. Most of my friends are getting married.
5. Is my Dad’s infidelity and parent’s divorce affecting me. That’s too psychological, even for me, a psychologist.
6. Do I have a problem? Maybe I need to be delivered somehow.
7. Am I ugly?
There were more but I’d leave that for the next chapter. However, what thought have crossed your own mind???