wp_ss_20160531_0002.pngIn a jumble of emotions. A state of mind that makes your foresight a bit blurry. You can’t determine of you should laugh, cry, be mad or scream. You lack the wisdom to decide what’s real. It all boils down to this, ‘you’re loosing your mind’. Let’s assume you are, how do you get it back? Do you make a decision to act on every emotion? Or do you just ignore it and stare into nothingness hoping no one would notice how crazy you look? Try crying and you’d be asked what’s wrong but believe you do not have a clue. Try laughing and they’d know for sure that something’s amiss. Baby I feel your distress cos I’ve been there. I stand corrected but it’s just a 5minutes madness. You’re crazy for 5minutes so make it count. Haha! You think I’m crazy don’t you but believe me I’m for real. Being normal gets boring so let lose, would you? Scream, laugh, cry, shout, dance, sing, let them stare, who cares? Well you should cos this advice is coming from a girl experiencing her 5minutes of madness.