IMG-20151209-WA0000I want to find you so bad it hurts. My diff misgivings make me believe you’re lost.

Joy is something I’m a mile away from. I wish someday it will be something I can rely on.

The girl who pretends she’s alright when really…..she’s not

Fear has driven deep into my abode. Centering its claws into my darkened heart.

I chase purity, trying to grip its slippery hands but I find myself eternity away from its saving arms.

I wish a thousand times a day hoping that love would come my way. Waited for over a decade and still…wait, I shall.

I want love, I want joy. I want it all. I want so many things but need so little.

I’ll take back my vain needs but please give me this.

A normal life is what I crave for. I want to live like you formed me to.

Take back my scars and please mend my heart.

I want nothing more than Love to make us unite.