A misguided youth was suspiciously observed by everyone else but them, the very culprits in this story – the starters to a beginner’s end – my Glorified folks.
I’m Simi and only stupid people call me SimSim – my friends- the stupid bunch of them. My full name is no secret but why bother with formalities when you just want to suckle on the juicy detail of Simi’s tale.

I read about Anna Walker and thought about how not such a big deal my story is. Sharing helps yea? Well, here I go… We were a jolly good family, my mother, father and me. Ready to take on the world, just us three. Dad was six feet tall, mom was an inch shorter and I was just the happy go lucky girl in between.
We were a three-fold cord that could withstand all kinds of storm. We believed we could not be broken.

It wasn’t long that my illusion was disrupted as mom chose to move ahead. She walked farther and that made me wonder “Where is she headed?”. But dad made me smile despite his disappointment. He carried me on his shoulder for years and we walked that path furthermore until I noticed he couldn’t take it anymore. I was dropped on my feet and noticed sadly that he didn’t hold my hand. Long before I could grasp what I was witnessing, my dad had moved on to God knows where.
The stupid pair of them had a child at sixteen and thought life would be paradise but only realized they wanted their lives back. My Glorified folks.

At six I was left alone at a place called the Orphanage home. Ha! A place for orphans when my folks had beating hearts, how sad is that!

I’ll continue this tale some other day but I have to catch a snooze while I can. Tomorrow is another day at this pathetic jail of an orphanage.