I was on my way to work this Friday morning, trekking down the street to the Office when a car stopped by me. I had innocently been thinking of how I hoped my day would go and was super excited that it was finally Friday when this happened.

The driver slowed down and the first thing I did was to note the brand of the car, it was a sleek Camry, I was impressed. I am not as naive as I seem to be most times when I make rash decisions that sometimes question my intelligence.

I realized I could enter the car and ask him to drop me off at the office which was close by and still not give him my real name or number; then I also decided that I could get kidnapped by this phony human all because I wanted a free ride. It occurred to me that it was still 5;45 am and no normal Nigerian would want to even pick a stranger off the road. All these contemplating took place within the space of one minute and the next thing I knew was that an agbero was shouting at the man and telling him to leave me alone. My feet, which had been in motion the whole time just kept on doing its duty as my eyes watched the jolly ride speed off.

Most of us take our safety for granted and we should be more careful, especially in this quarter of the year. People are not only getting kidnapped but rapped and murdered as well. Cultists are on the lose and seeking for whom to sacrifice. So, be careful and observant, make wise decisions and make it to 2017. Abeg o!