What are the odds of falling in love with an Uber driver? This is the question that probably lured you into reading this blog. If it was then you have not been deceived? Not completely at least.

I did not fall in love with an Uber driver even if the thought did occur to me. I do not know the procedures one has to go through in order to become one of the many Uber drivers but I do know you can be one if;
1. I have a valid license
2. I have a nice car
3. I am male. It’s not a feminist thing, I have just not seen a female Uber driver yet. The struggle never reach there yet!

I advice you not to apply based on these requirements stated by clueless me but you can think about it. I am even confusing myself here. Allz Imz saying izz, I shuzz not be held responsible if you do not make zee cut 😁.

It occurred to me during one of my occasional rides in a Uber that the man driving could just be a billionaire looking for a wife. He could have found it hard to find an honest girl for years, so he chose to humble himself in order to find a humble girl.

I thought about this for about two minutes and then I laughed out loud and hissed, ending my trail of thought with one remark, “African Magic!” Sigh.