Why are people so inclined to engaging in bizarre word sensationalism? Just say it as it is and leave the grammar to the English experts. Words are fun when constructed well and most times they are funny when they aren’t. Being prone to making grammatical blunders is my specialty because I really do not pay attention to what I have written after the deed has been done.

I am that girl who would write a love letter to a crush only to get it back with red marks everywhere. He is probably going to be an undeserving crush if he decides to be that mean to ignore the heart behind the words. What would you do if I sent a letter like this to you?


P.S, this letter never happened but I did have a crush called Tobi. So what if he did reply?



So I can barely remember what it felt like to have a crush in Primary school but Tobi was my first crush, after that I went on a crush spree. I can’t count how many guys I had a crush on as a teenager, can you?

Who is the crush you can’t forget?

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