At this point, I’m just writing anything and this is because I am once again experiencing a writer’s block. This is like being an instrumentalist and losing your hand or being a footballer and losing your leg(s)…Okay, that’s a bit too extreme given that a writer’s block is not a death sentence but a few days or weeks in jail. It could be a month but either way, you still get out of jail.

What do I advise you do when this happens to you? Just do exactly what I’m doing. No, I am not asking you to write about how you are stuck but write about anything that pops into your head. It can be about what an awesome meal you had last night or even as trivial as the mosquitoes that came visiting last night despite the rain.

Ha! So you just read a whole lot of words that just escaped from the jail in my head. Words are friendly like that and can’t completely disappoint you.

Let me digress a little even if I am well aware that I do not have a subject matter here. Do you remember those days in high school when you had to sit for an English or Literature exam (I choose to use these because teachers were required to pay a closer attention to the use of English).


It’s not like you haven’t prepared for that exam but when you enter that hall it’s like there is an Exam zombie that patrols that hall seeking to disgrace you. It is the moment you pick up the pen to write that you start asking your neighbor how to spell “to”, the invigilator would believe you are cheating and asking one major question.

How can you defend yourself and tell him you only needed to ask for a spelling? So, you can either calmly decide to shut-up and not ask at all or you can just explain yourself and give in to the Exam zombie.

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So in my digression, I have forgotten the subject of discussion and shall close this blog once and for all. What is the moral lesson today? Don’t give up on yourself, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just keep doing it. Even if you end up with a “too” instead of a “to”, don’t give up.

411: Don’t give up, I didn’t.