Part One

When people stopped me to ask if I was okay

I’d smile and say that everything was alright

While passing by I’d feel the tear fall from my eyes

As the lie felt like a knife digging straight into my heart.


I used to be that girl who claimed to be ‘A Ok’

Even when my reason for living was without meaning.


I was the underdog

The lost cause

The one you would hate passionately.

The loser of the troop

The girl with no use.


I abused the life in me

Sucked it out with the power of drugs, sex and insolence


What did I care?

I thought I was useless

Everything I touched seemed to me as, pointless.


And finally with those extra pills

I was a step away from release


But a voice called me

I don’t know who He is

But he knew my name


I felt such love

I felt such compassion

The next thing I knew…

I was on a hospital bed


I fought for my life

The same one I hated

Because I was so desperate to know that Voice


It was exception

It was supernatural

It was my only source of hope



So you see

This is me

The girl everyone wants to be.


They don’t know

How it’s been

How I came from the pit to my peak.


Now my feet

Is like a rock

Nothing will bring me down.


Cos in my past

I’ve taken all the blows

A blow worth a lifetime alone


All my crisis

All my failures

All have contributed to who I am.


I’m a star

I’m a survivor

A winner of this race of life


Now I can boldly say

That everything is ‘A Okay’

With no tear falling from my eyes.


I am a winner

I am a believer

In this race

This race, called life.