I puked in my mouth a little. It was just too cliché and here they were, the actors on my screen, doing it again. It’s lunch break and I’m sneaking a peek at the third episode of the current Korean Drama I fancy. It’s about love as usual, boy meets girl and they end up living happily ever after.

The cause of the eruption in my belly is the sight of a lady on her laptop, searching for some sort of important document. The lady is unable to locate this ‘Oh so important document’ and in comes her crush. He notices her hastiness in typing and queries her, she responds.

This prince charming is eager to please and he then stands behind her chair, leans over, places his hand on hers while it’s on the mouse. This invasion of privacy does not end there, his cheek is practically kissing hers.

Why does it have to be so intense, is it not simple file you’re looking for? The heroine is in a semi-panic mode and has long forgotten the file she is searching for.

As nasty as it seems, I swallow my barf and exit the screen. As I clear my desk in preparation for the task ahead, my colleague walks in and grins. I grin back and ask him what’s making him so happy and he says he had a good lunch. I don’t explain that I had eaten only roasted groundnut for lunch, I was broke that day.


Two hours later, I am trying to figure out how to manage my blog configuration and he offers to help. What do I experience next? A remake of the scene in the movie. He walks up behind me and leans over, his cheek close to mine and his hand approaching mine.

I swiftly removed my hand and let him ‘help’ me out. Five minutes later, I’m not wondering “was that necessary?” but “did he smell the nutty smell of groundnut when he was close to me?” and “how much of my little cleavage did he see?”

Why do we never imagine what it really feels like to have those romantic scenes played out? Do you ever wonder why the actors in love wake up very early in the morning and are all mushy mushy but never really get to the brushing of their teeth part? Nasty!

I promise I will be careful with what I eat next time and also what I wear. I mean, I am so sure he saw my cleavage from his Omega point of view. That’s what you experience when you wear a V-neck to work.


What do I wear to work? What is considered classy and yet decent enough? I always try to add a little touch of my personality to my attire. Sometimes, it’s a sweater or a scarf, a vintageish belt or bandana, most times I just do me and go with whatever I see in my wardrobe. I define my style as “anything that goes, as long as it’s comfortable”

This is what caught my attention recently. It’s a scarf you can use to cover up just in case your colleague decides to play out a romantic scene with you someday.

Scarves are in every season, every day. We just cannot do without them.

Here are some lovely images of how you can play with your scarf for that special occasion. Personally, I prefer “no.10”, what’s your preference?


Until next time, this is #EyeCandy, always ready to buzz you with the latest fashion trend for the shy girl next door.